GARAPAN Saipan — Century Hotel opened Tribes a new bar on Dec. 9. Tribes can accommodate about 30 people and offers signature drinks like the “Flame Tree” martini; and a chaser menu with a local flavor like blackened “Zulu Tuna” for hotel guests and local business people.

“Century Hotel invested in this enhancement because we wanted to offer a new entertainment option for our hotel guests and friends in the community.  It’s all about giving people something more to do and enjoy which ultimately we hope will help create a more memorable stay at our hotel ” Lynn A. Knight general manager of Century Hotel told the Journal.

Tribes is located on the ground floor of the hotel behind Shirley’s Restaurant and is accessible directly from the parking area or through the hotel lobby.

“We designed Tribes with our hotel guests and local businesspeople in mind but of course everyone is welcome. We have a lot of repeat business and government travelers from around the region military guests and also a fair number of Japanese scuba divers. There are a lot of local inter-island travelers some coming to visit families and friends on Saipan ” Knight said.

She said the Century team meticulously designed the bar to give it an ambiance that “people will find cozy a little on the hip side and perhaps somewhat unique for Saipan.”

“We took great care in the selection of very comfortable furniture (bought in Guam) fun colors and some unique lighting and artwork. We had a small space to work with but the space manages to offer a combination of different and friendly seating places for people to mingle ” she said.

Knight said Tribes’ staff can also tailor the drinks and chasers to the preferences of the guests.

“Our philosophy is hospitality in other words is if there’s a particular item that we know someone likes the team will make an effort to stock it.  So far the wines and martinis have been particularly popular as well as some premium liquors that people requested ” she said.

Knight said staff have created a few signature drinks. One is called “The Village” which features a set of four vodka drinks served on a tray in geometric shot glasses; the other is the “Flame Tree” martini that is a little spicy.

“The most popular martini so far is the “Century Cosmopolitan ‘” she said.

She added that they have likewise developed through partnership with Shirley’s Restaurant a chaser menu with local flavor that features items like banana flower blackened “Zulu Tuna ” different types of kelaguen with titiyas a good quality cheese plate that goes great with wine.  Tinian pepper is also available for those who like to spice the local dishes up. 

The bar will also be stocking Rota chips of different flavors to promote the island.  MBJ