The Pacific Trading Club in the Agana Shopping Center is growing with the mall and plans on offering valet service in the near future.

Danny D. Payumo general manager of Downtown Pacific Ventures which does business as Pacific Trading Club and Bullys; said the establishment is celebrating its second year in business by working to "upscale" its services in 2007. "Customers who come in and have a meal will soon be able to have their cars parked for them " Payumo said. "As long as they are a patron of PTC they can go shopping and or watch a movie and their car will be waiting for them " he said.

According to Payumo the Agana Shopping Center management is supportive of the idea and will section off a portion of the parking lot at the area closest to the road. "It will provide convenience for both our customers and customers of other vendors in Agana Shopping Center " he said. Payumo said he plans to collaborate with other vendors of the mall. "We’re looking at having customers bring in receipts from stores and allowing them a percentage off of their meals or maybe giving them a free drink " he said. Payumo is already working with the movie theaters and Island Wines & Spirits and MidPac on a "date night" where a special purchase during the week garners a couple free movie tickets.

Payumo told the Journal he has seen a slight increase in the number of clientele that have visited the establishment. Payumo attributed part of the increase to the SM Department Store and Agana Center Theatres opening at the Agana Shopping Center. "I think it is also because we now have a solid kitchen crew. In the last few months we have been concentrating on our menu "" our food. We’ve improved our quality consistency and our speed " Payumo said. "We have made the menu more attractive."

Pacific Trading Club is also considering on cordoning off the outside seating to provide a little privacy for patrons. "We also plan to section off part of the restaurant inside to allow people who would like to have a group of 10 or 20 come in and have some privacy " Payumo said.

Pacific Trading Club also known as PTC is 1 600 square feet employs 15 people and is open from Monday through Sunday. "Our clientele describe our food as an eclectic mix of American and Asian flavor and cuisine " Payumo said.

According to Payumo the business accommodates private parties fundraisers and hosts special events such as art exhibits and performances. Bands play on Wednesday and Friday nights. The restaurant has two TVs and a six-foot by six-foot screen that is utilized to show special sporting events. MBJ