Prestige Automobiles take part of its line of vehicles to the former Mark’s Motors location in Tamuning. According to John C.J. Shen general manager of Prestige Automobiles; the location will provide additional exposure along Marine Corps Drive for customers and potential buyers interested in pre-owned vehicles and two models of Subaru vehicles. "We were in discussions since November " Shen told the Journal. "We plan to have our Subaru line of vehicles there. Subaru will have it’s own location and we will also offer our quality pre-owned vehicles there " he said.

According to Shen "The Subaru Imprezza and the Forester SUV lines are available." Shen said he is working on securing other Subaru models. "We are in discussions and we may see more by the latter part of 2007 " he said.

Shen said service on all vehicles would still be conducted at the Prestige Dededo location.

Shen could not provide an estimate of the investment. "The investment amount "¦ it’s still being worked out " he said.

Prestige Automobiles is working out a mid-term lease with the owners of the property. "We will improve the current premises. We will renovate the facilities to meet the dealership standard requirements " Shen said. However he said there are no immediate plans to develop the property.

There will be an additional 10 employees Shen said working at the new location.

"This is not a new company. Subaru has been around for a long long time. The company started in 1958. Subaru is known for their quality-built all-wheel drive vehicles " Shen said.

According to Shen the Subaru’s power plant is a boxer engine similar to Porsche. "You know you have a good investment because of the type of engine the quality and the safety. In my opinion what buyers should be looking at and what should be the deciding factor in buying a car is safety and quality."

Shen said "If you look at the Subarus on the road today "¦ I think they are at least 10 years old or older. The engine is quality. I think that says a lot about the vehicle."
Prestige Automobiles re-introduced the Subaru to the Guam market in November.

The grand opening for the new location is still being worked out Shen said. A soft opening is planned for the middle part of February. MBJ