After almost six years in business Winchell’s Palau closed down late last year due to a disagreement in business practices between the Winchell’s franchise and Palau store operator Nany Wong. Peter Nand regional manager at Winchell’s corporate office in Guam told the Journal there was a "mutual disagreement between management" and they were "not doing what they were supposed to." While Wong declined to comment on the details of the store closing she did comment on her new store Best Coffee and Donut House.

"We recently moved to a more scenic part of town and we are truly blessed because most of our regular customers including those in the [old] neighborhood have come to the shop."

Best Coffee and Donut House opened on Jan. 26 and employs seven workers. While the store currently serves standard coffee and donut shop fare the establishment plans to branch out into other menu items as well.

"We are quite satisfied with what we are doing and are currently working on adding products other than just sweets such as pizzas mini burgers and other fast food that suits our customers " Wong said. "We have also started catering to conferences and meetings for morning lunch and afternoon food. In addition we believe that we should be looking for ways to integrate the local raw food products to what we are doing and making the outcome possible."

Wong and husband Marino Bells own the shop with strong support from sisters Romana Wong and Ulee Wong Ueki whom Wong described as the "backbone" of the company.

"Our foremost motto in our business is to satisfy our customers because without them we will not make it. We believe in working hard and always looking for improvements " Wong said. "The local costumers come to enjoy the easy-going atmosphere. I think we have such a fun place here. We hear laughter fishing stories and office workers stop to pick up their coffee and donuts on the way to work."

Wong told the Journal that she and Winchell’s are still on good terms.

"We truly appreciate Winchell’s Guam for their total support." MBJ