In March Pacific Surface Masters LLC joined the Guam Contractors’ Association and was recognized as a new member in front of nearly 500 members at the GCA membership luncheon.
Carlo L. Leon Guerrero said joining GCA after only recently starting business was mainly to meet other people in the industry.
"We wanted to take advantage of the networking opportunities that GCA has to offer " Leon Guerrero said. "We wanted to get our name out there and with the possible partnerships that we’re going to form with other companies it only made sense."

Leon Guerrero said the idea for the company started in early 2009. After doing research Leon Guerrero said his team stumbled upon a proprietary system to deep-clean the porous parts of a floor such as the grout lines and natural stone tiles.

Pacific Surface Masters specializes in performing high quality tile and grout cleaning. The company also performs natural stone restoration services for bathrooms showers floors and counter tops. Other services include cleaning sealing and restoration of marble terrazzo granite travertine limestone ceramic tile and other natural stone.
Leon Guerrero said the color sealing service is entirely new to Guam. Color sealing involves enhancing grout to look brand new protecting grout lines against staining and giving the grout a newly installed uniform appearance at a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

"We saw that there was a need for specialized services like this " Leon Guerrero said. "We’d hear stories from people who tried anything and everything to get their tile and grout cleaned and nothing seemed to work."

The company became licensed in October 2009 and became fully operational in December. Pacific Surface Masters has a staff of six and is located in the GCIC building in HagÅtña.
"We went to Arizona to get trained and certified on the cleaning process and the patented equipment " Leon Guerrero said. "We actually had to sit through a chemistry class to learn the fundamentals of the system."

Although it was challenging to start the company John Sablan treasurer said it was also the most fun as well. "It was an opportunity and learning experience " he said.
Since starting Pacific Surface Masters has catered to nearly a dozen clients whom it acquired mostly through word of mouth. Some of the company’s noteworthy projects include restoring a shower room and bathroom on Andersen Air Force Base that had more than 10 years of calcium buildup on the wall and floor tiles.

"They were planning to replace the tiles but after they saw the results of our cleaning process they are considering keeping it the way it is now " Leon Guerrero said. "It would’ve cost them several thousand dollars in material and labor costs and we restored it at a fraction of that."

Leon Guerrero said that the company’s target customers include restaurants hotels clinics daycare centers and schools. "Our target market consists of facilities and businesses where cleanliness and sanitation is the top priority " Leon Guerrero said. "These facilities have a need to maintain a clean and presentable image in order to retain their existing customers and convert new prospects into customers."
Leon Guerrero has more than a decade of experience in sales and marketing having sold high-quality knives to homeowners and then moved on to selling cars for four years. "Being a self-taught student of marketing it helped us in identifying a niche market and fulfilling the needs and wants of that market " Leon Guerrero said.
Leon Guerrero Sablan and Frank M. Babauta the company’s vice president are all in the Air National Guard with more than 12 years of construction background serving with the 254th Red Horse Squadron.

"We are asked many times if we are a janitorial company but I consider our company to be a specialty cleaning company " Leon Guerrero said. "To use an analogy it’s like going to see a foot specialist when you have a sprained ankle I’d rather see a specialist than a general practitioner."
Leon Guerrero said he is most proud of finally getting the company running after the past year of challenges. He said the company’s long-term plan is to expand and possibly open an office in the neighboring islands.