MINOT AIR FORCE BASE N.D. — Two B-52H Stratofortresses and more than 200 Air Force Global Strike Command Airmen from the 69th Bomb Squadron will deploy to Andersen AFB Guam for the first time since the Vietnam War according to a press release from MAFB.

The squadron is deploying as part of U.S. Pacific Command’s Continuous Bomber Presence. This also will be the first time the 5th Bomb Wing has back-to-back deployments in

support of the CBP at Guam.

“We are ready to deploy anytime anyplace “” said Col. Douglas Cox 5th Bomb Wing commander. “”Our job is to safely securely and effectively deter and dissuade any potential regional aggressors and assure the U.S. and its allies of our commitment to the Pacific region.””

The 23rd Bomb Squadron is scheduled to return late November from Guam after almost six months and the 69th BS will be in place for the next rotation scheduled to last about the same time.