Jones and Guerrero Co. Inc. expects to break ground in January for a project that will see the development of an 18 000-square-foot warehouse facility on Saipan.
The facility will sit on the back side of a 2.7-acre leased property in Puerto Rico Saipan according to Noli C. Cadag executive vice president of J&G. The facility will be located along Chalan Pale Arnold Highway between Pattida Drive and Saluda Street.
Cadag said the architectural design is being collaborated on with Taniguchi Ruth Makio Architects under Richard N. Cody’s wings in the Northern Mariana Islands. “To-date we have not identified a contractor for the project “” he added. “”We’re looking at doing it in-house. We expect to break ground sometime in January and hope to finish it in three to four months.””
With regard to employment prospects offered by the development of the warehouse Cadag said “”Surely the development and construction of the project will entail manpower whether contracted or done in-house. As such job opportunities in the construction trade will be benefited by this move.””
Currently J&G has not contemplated any significant developments in Guam or Saipan aside from ongoing initiatives to upgrade its existing facilities. “”In Saipan we’re at about 99% complete in our renovation of the Aquarius Beach Tower currently managed by Castle Resorts & Hotels. Likewise in Guam we continue to upgrade our commercial buildings “” Cadag said. “”As far as the Nissan Auto City in Hagatna is concerned and considering this property is still under lease we are deferring any plans and contemplated move until further direction from the family.””