Donald “Don”” I. Marshall who was a leader in the development of marine transport and services in the Pacific Rim passed away in Manila at the age of 83.
Marshall’s companies do business as Malayan Towage and Salvage Corp. known as “”SalvTug “” Asia Pacific Chartering Philippines Inc. Interpacific Transit Inc. Budget Travel and Tours Seabridge Micronesia Inc. Cabras Marine Corp. and its subsidiary Subic Dry Dock Corp. or Subicdock. Marshall was chairman ofSalvTug when in 2007 Subicdock returned a dry dock to Subic Bay with the potential to revitalize the ship repair facilities there. He remained a consultant to Subicdock until his death.
Cabras Marine is a leading provider of tugboat salvage pilotage and waterfront services for the US Navy and commercial oceangoing vessels in Guam and Micronesia for more than 30 years.
Other companies in the group do business as PacAir PacSea PacSports and PacTours – variously operating in the areas of passenger and cargo operations sporting goods distribution and retail. Around the region the group acts as agent for Thai Airlines and Delta Airlines.
Born and raised in the Philippines Marshall spent time in a Japanese internment camp during the war. He graduated from Stanford Business School in 1959 and began working for Luzon Stevedoring Co. Inc. the company his father had worked for prior to World War II.
Marshall lived in Guam from 1951 to 1955 holding the title of general manager as well as other duties for Marianas Stevedoring and Development Co. the local subsidiary of Luzon Stevedoring Co. Inc. When Luzon Stevedoring regained the contract in 1956 he commuted to Guam from Ilolo. His memories of that time and his lifelong appreciation and relationship with Filipinos are recorded in “”Under the American Sun “” the film about Camp Roxas in Agat.
In 1963 when 50% of Luzon Stevedoring was purchased by a group of Filipino businessmen and investors Marshall became president according to Time magazine. The corporation became 100%-Filipino owned in 1974 according to its website.
SalvTug’s manpower division numbers among its clients numerous companies in the Mariana Islands the Middle East Asia and the Americas.
An ardent golfer Marshall also turned that interest into a business. A reticent individual Marshall mentored many in his time and is spoken of with affection and respect by former and present employees.
Donald I. Marshall is survived by his wife Sally Mae children Teresa John Robert and William.
A memorial service was held at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church in Agat on Jan. 19.