Rider Levett Bucknall just opened an office on Guam in November 2010 yet the company quickly realized the importance of joining the Guam Contractors Association.
“From my perspective it’s a really great networking opportunity because GCA provides services to property developers and owners “” said Emile le Roux resident manager of Rider Levett Bucknall. “”We are kind of a link between contractors and material suppliers and we advise owners of what it’s going to cost with anything related to construction. And to be able to do that you have to have the confidence of contractors out there to provide you with relevant information.””
Rider Levett Bucknall which joined GCA in February provides cost and time management and advisory services to anyone developing renovating or designing properties. Its advisory services include lender services and litigation support on construction matters. Additionally the firm provides suite of proprietary “”life”” services which are unique solutions to assist decision makers in achieving efficient cost-conscious and environmentally sustainable results for their building projects.
Le Roux said Rider Levett Bucknall first established an office in Guam in 1989 as an expansion office from the company’s Queensland practice and operated for five years mostly as a response to the “”boom in hospitality and the rising Japanese market when a lot of construction was occurring.”” The firm recently opened an office in the GCIC building to address construction projects related to the military buildup.
The company has been in existence for the last 225 years originating in England with service coverage worldwide including Australia Asia Europe Africa and the United States. Although le Roux is the sole employee on Guam the company has 2 500 staff across the world and 70 nationwide.
In the early 1990’s Rider Levett Bucknall’s noteworthy projects include the 1998 Guam International Air Terminal expansion a new tower for the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa and several campus expansion projects at the University of Guam. Le Roux said several local projects that are in the planning stages include the Waterfront Headquarters Building at Naval Base Guam Finegayen fire station the Bachelor Enlisted Quarters at Finegayan and Enlisted dining facility at Finegayan.
Although the company reopened an office in Guam mainly because of the military buildup Le Roux said he is just as excited to work in a destination as unique as Guam. “”We have to deal with a lot of natural elements out here “” Le Roux said. “”On Guam the climate and typhoons kind of dictate the building codes with a lot of things having to be concrete. But it also allows us to be creative take that design and put value to it.””
Le Roux said he feels fortunate to be involved in projects related to the military buildup and with several cost estimating types of work related to it. “”We don’t necessarily work for the contractors but we are a third party and reviewer in the process. We make sure people are being paid fairly from both perspectives – not too little or not too much. It’s an advisory service and we’re the only consulting company on Guam that does these services.””
Le Roux joined Rider Levett Bucknall in 2001 and worked in the Los Angeles San Francisco and Honolulu offices before moving to Guam. He was previously a professional quantity surveyor in South Africa his native homeland for 10 years.