It may seem a rather unlikely career shift for John Z. Arroyo but the former president and chief executive officer of Coast360 Federal Credit Union has rolled up his sleeves and geared up for his new role in the housekeeping business.
“It requires a shift in mind frame; there are things that I need to get used to but I am ready for the challenge “” said Arroyo who assumed his new role on Sept. 2 as president and chief executive officer of ServiceMaster Guam Inc. a local franchise owned since 1998 by the family of his wife JoAnn del Carmen.
“”For the longest time they have been asking me to come on board and help them out grow this company “” said Arroyo who has inherited the position from his brother-in-law Reynald Del Carmen.
Arroyo who has been in the banking business for 30 years retired from the industry on Sept. 13 to take his “”next step.”” He joined Coast360 – then known as the Government of Guam Employees Federal Credit Union – in 2004. During his stint the bank was re-branded and made the transition from being a government credit union to a community credit union that resulted in an increase in customer base by thousands.
“”When I asked myself what I am interested in doing next I thought about ServiceMaster which has the same challenges and opportunities for growth that the credit union had when I first joined the bank. I thought this was the perfect opportunity “” Arroyo said.
ServiceMaster is a privately held Fortune 500 company that provides various services to residences and firms. Its core services include janitorial housekeeping landscaping and facility maintenance. ServiceMaster whose corporate headquarters is based in Memphis has more than 5 100 company-owned and franchise locations in the United States.
While he is confident of the expertise he can bring into the company Arroyo said navigating the industry will not be a walk in the park. “”This is a tough market to compete in because there’s a lot of players “” said Arroyo who is in charge of the company’s financial management and marketing strategy. “”But with the prospect of the military buildup this is one of the industries that will benefit.””
The Guam Memorial Hospital Authority was one of ServiceMaster Guam’s main clients when the company opened Reynald Del Carmen said. The GMH contract was later terminated by the hospital management as part of its austerity measures necessitated by budget constraints he added.
ServiceMaster currently has seven active contracts including one with the Guam International Airport Authority for which the company provides lawn maintenance. Its next target is to bid for military contracts.