GUALO RAI Saipan – The newly-appointed chief executive officer of the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. said the islands’ health care system and its only hospital will be assessed thoroughly to improve services to the public.
Former Gov. Juan N. Babauta said initial findings point to the current system of manually documenting records particularly billing as a major contributing factor to the hospital’s near collapse.
“First of all we need to have a complete and thorough assessment of what it is now and have a complete understanding of the system. What its flaws are and where the problems are. And we need to have a business plan “” Babauta told the Journal.
He said part of the hospital’s plan is to automate data recording in the hospital particularly the billing system to make it more efficient and self-sustaining.
“”This will involve automation of all the data information from financing to billing to data record and other vital statistics in a way that we can generate this information instantly. Right now a lot of things are generated manually “” he said.
The NMI’s only public hospital the Commonwealth Health Center has receivables of more than $100 million – money that could be used to rehabilitate its facilities. Babauta said part of the mandate of the new public healthcare corporation is to source funds through entrepreneurial ways.
He said a yet-to-be-formed management team will study options to generate revenue. “”Part of the provisions in the law allows us to do things outside the conventional way to be entrepreneurial “” said Babauta. “”We need to deliver more affordable healthcare services for our people. That’s going to be our guiding principle. That’s quite a task.””