TakeCare Insurance has informed some of its members that two of its Women’s Center Services providers would be leaving the company. Dr. Friedrich Bieling and Dr. Farrell Cole’s departure from the FHP Health Center means FHP must limit its own abiity to treat women for obstetrics and gynecology.

TakeCare told the Journal “FHP providers who will render care of preventive women health services and a limited OB-GYN specialty include Dr. Allison Meadows and Alice Leliukas a certified nurse midwife and that the FHP family practitioners and the nurse midwife will continue to offer well women screening health maintenance services and primary OB-GYN care to meet patients’ health care needs.””

TakeCare also told the Journal “”TakeCare Members have been notified of this change and were presented with OB-GYN contracted providers in which they can elect whom they would like to select as their provider.””

In another developement TakeCare members were also told they are able to visit FHP for some needs for a $5 co-payment. However due to the extra traffic this generated some appointments are scheduled for two months in advance. This can necessitate members to visit other contracted providers outside of FHP; however they will be charged 30% of the visit cost as opposed to a $5 co-payment.