MAJURO Marshall Islands – Triple J Enterprises Inc. is ending a 10-year management agreement in the Marshall Islands but is not halting its business involvement in the island group. After a decade of partnership with the Kabua & Kramer Corp. in Majuro and providing managers mentoring and other help to the local company Triple J’s management contract will not be renewed because K&K Corp. officials say the Guam company has done what it was supposed to – get them ready to operate the Payless Supermarket retail and wholesale operations themselves.

Joseph “Jerry”” Kramer board chairman of K&K Corp. announced at the end of October that the local company will take over full operation of the retail and wholesale operations in Majuro at the expiration of the management agreement on March 31 2013. The Payless Supermarket in Majuro is the capital’s flagship grocery outlet. Kramer is also chief executive officer of Pacific International Inc. which has business operations in Majuro Pohnpei Chuuk and Guam.

Kramer said the transition is the fulfillment of a long road that started 30 years ago between late Iroij (chief) Amata Kabua the country’s first president and himself with the dream for a Marshallese-owned and operated retail-wholesale business to provide the people of the Marshall Islands with first-class service.

“”The plan 30 years ago was for our children and grandchildren to eventually take the responsibility and make the decisions to perpetuate this family business “” said Kramer. “”We are proud this day has come.””

All current staff contracts policies and operating methods developed by Triple J will be honored and continued under K&K management with the exception of certain Triple J proprietary systems and employees on loan from Triple J who will be transferred to other Triple J locations.

Kramer recognized Robert H. Jones Triple J chairman and his staff who have led K&K to this juncture. “”The ending of the 10-year management agreement will be marked by the continuation of the special friendship between these two companies an expectation of an orderly transition and a continued business relationship “” Kramer said.

Jones has a long and successful involvement with wholesale and retail operations in the Marshall Islands. Long before the management agreement with K&K Corp. Jones opened Triple J in 1985 on Ebeye the island next to the Kwajalein missile range where more than 10 000 Marshall Islanders many of whom work at the Army base live.

Jones in a statement expressed his “”sincere gratitude for the extraordinarily warm and friendly relationship we have enjoyed over the past 10 years.”” He added “”Partners rest assured that you will have our full cooperation from now until March 31 2013. We will help with the transition in every way we can.

“”We enjoy doing business in the Marshalls where the people are some of the world’s friendliest.””