A home based handcrafted jewelry business started by a former Saipan resident is making an impression in the U.S. mainland through party plan retailing.

JonCar Jewelry was founded by Carlene Atalig Mitchell in 2012. JonCar Jewelry offers products for all age groups and tastes including necklaces earrings bracelets and charms. The items range from $6 to $126. Each item is designed by Mitchell. Products are marketed and sold by distributors called “stylists”” at home parties. The business started as JonCar Designs LLC. which distributes private labels and wholesale handcrafted jewelry to multi-million and billion dollar online retail sites.

After two years Mitchell found herself with a surplus of sample jewelry that friends and family members wanted to purchase. She threw a home party in November 2011. “”It then made sense to me to give this opportunity to other women where they can own their own JonCar Jewelry business and make extra money or start a whole new career “” said Mitchell. By September 2012 the first JonCar Jewelry catalog was distributed and several women had opened their own JonCar Jewelry home-based business.

“”We are celebrating our one year anniversary with over 50 stylists spread out in over a dozen states and U.S. territories. We are so thrilled to have stylists in the islands of Guam Saipan and Hawaii “” said Mitchell. She hopes to have 500 stylists by the end of 2014 and eventually for JonCar Jewelry to become one of the leading jewelry home party plan companies. JonCar Jewelry provides business opportunities to women of diverse cultures and backgrounds. These women can be described as “”Mom-preneurs “” women who value their roles as mothers in the home but also seek the opportunities of owning a business Mitchell said.

Although she is working toward success abroad Mitchell also strives to give back to the community and to stay connected with her home. JonCar Cares donates to the Autism Hope Foundation with a special jewelry line and donates 80% of profits gained from its JonCar Cares collection to other charitable causes in Saipan and in the mainland.

Mitchell was a former administrative officer of the Bank of Saipan. She is the daughter of David M. Atalig and Dolores DeLeon Guerrero.