KOROR, Palau – To add to the new infrastructures sprouting on the island nation of Palau, a 124-room hotel located in Malakal Hamlet in the state of Koror, Palau, is 99% complete and will be opening soon.

Ephram Polycarp, part owner of what has been named simply Vacation Hotel, told the Journal they would like to officially open for business by July, when the country will be hosting a big international gathering. The hotel was so-named so that non-English speakers will eventually link their hotel to the word “vacation,” which means enjoying a holiday, taking a trip for the purpose of creation, Polycarp said.

Located in Malakal, one of the busiest parts of Koror State, the new hotel will join the majority of Palau’s other hotels and diving shops in facing the famous Rock Islands.

Polycarp has partnered with a foreign investor from the mainland China, Wu Li. The partners began hotel construction in 2008, which was then stalled for years due to financial reasons. Construction resumed again by the start of 2014 and has progressed fast as workers have been on-site seven days a week.

The Polycarp family is not new to the hotel business. They have run Cocoro Hotel, a small hotel in downtown Koror, for more than 20 years.

Polycarp said there are two major revenue-making schemes in Palau: hotels and tourism.

“We are looking at the future of Palau developing slowly but surely. At the present time tourism has increased compared to the last five years, and looking into the future, there will be a greater increase in tourism. Demand for rooms will be much higher,” Polycarp said.

The new hotel will have a suite, presidential rooms, restaurant, sauna, waiting rooms and conference rooms. The investment in their new venture has been “in the millions,” he said. Polycarp added that he wants Palau Vacation Hotel to not cater to any particular market.

“Palau Vacation Hotel is not high-end, not low-end, but an international hotel […],” he said.