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Founded in 1973 by Jason Park, Pacific Produce Corp. is a distributor of food service and retail items for a majority of Guam hotels, restaurants, retail stores and government agencies.

The company specializes in supplying frozen meat products. The distributor’s most in-demand items include beef, chicken and pork from the United States and seafood from Korea. Other products include canned items and fresh fruits and vegetables.

According to Andrew C. Park, vice president of Pacific Produce Corp., though Guam is best known for serving barbeque, the rise of Korean tourists has created a greater demand for seafood. As a result, Pacific Produce Corp. has recently decided to add live seafood to their listing, including lobsters and king crab.

“We just started with live seafood, and that is something only one competitor was doing right now,” Park told the Journal. “Hopefully we can expand a bit more with the live seafood and see if there if there are other demands not being met right now.”

Park said that two restaurants have already signed up for their new service. The company accepts special orders and suggestions for additional items to accommodate the client, and delivery service is free of charge.

Pacific Produce has 23 employees and just recently joined the Guam Hotel & Restaurant Association. The company is part of a group of companies that include Pacific Petroleum Trading Corp. and Korea TV Marianas, which supplies programing for the Korean population on Guam.

The Pacific Produce Corp. office is located in the Harmon Industrial Park in Tamuning, and the management can be contacted by calling 646-5248/8082. MBJ