A recent petition circulating the social media platforms of Guam caught our eye at the Journal as it touches on a subject that we take pride in at our company. (See Page 25.) Glimpses Publications and Glimpses of Guam Inc., of which we are a division, have both previously and currently employ military family members as a welcome part of the Glimpses Family. Full time, temporary and freelance positions have all benefited from the skills and professional experience offered by these individuals. In addition, we know of several businesses in the community that also employ military family members and continue to welcome the talent they have to offer.

The specific petition refers to the decrease in Cost-of-Living Allowance for military personnel on Guam. It particularly states that military spouses often have a difficult time finding employment on Guam and that “the ‘locals’ tend to discourage hiring those who are not native Chamorros…”

What basis is there in saying that?

Military families move location on a regular basis, whether it be overseas or just one state over in the U.S.-mainland. But no matter how far or where you move, there will be new jobs, schools, churches, social groups, sports teams… you name it. People get used to preparing themselves for that new environment and throwing themselves into the game as seamlessly as they can — knowing that what they encounter in one city is going to be different than the next, and that in two plus years, they may be transitioning all over again.

Guam is a bustling hub of nearly 165,000 people, almost 13,000 military members, more than 3,000 businesses and three accredited universities and colleges. Amidst all that business and commerce, it’s not a secret that the military is an integral part of the economy on Guam. It’s also nearly impossible to say there is not an opportunity waiting to be found.

That is, if you keep your options open and you work for it.

No matter where one is moving and no matter if that person is military or civilian, the essentials to finding a job are the same. Open your horizons, do your research far in advance and then pull up your bootstraps and reach out. Network. Try something new. Show the business community in whatever city or whatever new opportunity exactly why they should want the benefit of your enthusiasm or experience as a part of their companies, whether it be for two years or twenty. mbj