Electrician files lawsuit after years of working on Navy ships in Guam

Eusebio V. Jacob and Marta A. Jacob filed a personal injury lawsuit against Plastics Engineering Co., a Wisconsin corporation, and Rockwell Automation Inc., a Delaware corporation, which did business on Guam. The suit claimed the defendants manufactured, sold and supplied generically similar asbestos products in Guam and to the Guam Navy Ship Repair Facility. Eusebio Jacob worked as an electrician at the Navy Ship Repair Facility in Guam from 1962 to 1985 where the asbestos products were used and was repeatedly exposed to the chemical. The plaintiffs alleged the asbestos exposure caused Eusebio Jacob to develop malignant mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases and injuries which were discovered around August 2018. The plaintiffs claimed negligence on the part of the defendants entitles them to punitive damages in an amount to be determined at trial.


Court rejects motion to dismiss

The United States District Court for the Northern Mariana Islands rejected a motion by Gold Mantis Construction Decoration (CNMI) LLC to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Tianming Wang and five other Chinese workers hired by Gold Mantis for the construction of Saipan’s Imperial Pacific Resort Hotel and Casino. The suit was filed on Dec. 17, 2018 and alleged all the workers suffered workplace injuries — including severe burns, bleeding and swelling to their arms and legs — for which they were not compensated. The workers claimed Gold Mantis refused to take injured employees to the hospital and, in order to hide their own illegal practices, threatened plaintiffs they risked being arrested if they sought medical attention. The plaintiffs are asking for damages in an amount to be determined at trial.


Tax lien on Saipan home healthcare provider

The Internal Revenue Service filed a notice of a federal tax lien against Marianas Health Services Inc., which does business as MHS Home Care. The amount in unpaid taxes (including interest and penalties) totals $12,425.59. The notice stated the United States has the rights to property and rights to property belonging to MHS totaling the amount of these taxes, penalties, interests and costs that may accrue. 


Tumon bar gets the boot

On July 9, the Superior Court of Guam ruled in favor of Jin Dong Chung in an unlawful detainer lawsuit against Anthony Cruz, who does business as Abandon Ship — a bar located in the Park Arcade Plaza in Tumon. After the writ of possession judgement, the Marshal of the Superior Court of Guam closed down bar operations and secured possession of the property. mbj