U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission sues IPI for sexual harassment complaints
The U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission on Sep. 24 filed a lawsuit against Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC and Imperial Pacific International Holdings Ltd. for sexual harassment, sexual discrimination, retaliation and constructive discharge. The suit alleges that Imperial Pacific allowed and at times encouraged male patrons to inappropriately touch and make sexual comments towards female employees among other forms of harassment, failed to take corrective action and continued to expose female employees to intolerable circumstances. The suit also alleges an Imperial Pacific manager threatened adverse employment action and termination for those who complained about the harassment.

The commission requested a permanent injunction enjoining Imperial Pacific from engaging in sexual harassment, retaliation and any other discriminatory work practices and to compensate for past and future pecuniary and non-pecuniary losses.


Asia Pacific Airlines ordered to pay damages in adverse employment action complaint
Aero Micronesia Inc. which does business as Asia Pacific Airlines was on Sept. 26 ordered by the U.S. Department of Labor to pay damages to former pilot Brian Dolan. Dolan claimed his employment was terminated in retaliation for safety complaints and for not passing another pilot whose performance he had evaluated during his duties as a line check airman. After failing the pilot, records show Dolan was no longer used as a line check airman even though there is a shortage of pilots qualified for the position.

Asia Pacific Airlines was ordered to pay Dolan $5,000 for emotional distress damages and $1,000 for loss of reputation damages, to expunge any reference to Dolan’s removal as a line check airman, inform all employees, officers and directors of the Department of Labor’s decision and to pay Dolan’s attorney fees and costs.

Dolan expressed no desire to be reinstated with Asia Pacific Airlines. mbj