Signed into law by Gov. Lourdes A. Leon Guerrero

Public Law 35-58
Establishes a task force to develop a new public hospital.

Public Law 35-52
Establishes laws for the design, use and placement of signage in the Tumon Bay H resort-hotel zone.

Public Law 35-48
Establishes the Guam Film Office as a division within the Guam Educational Telecommunications Corp.

Public Law 35-47
Expands the Natasha Protection Act of 2005 to define and prohibit the use of electronic smoking devices wherever other tobacco products are already prohibited.

Public Law 35-46
Increases Guam Power Authority’s goal of generating 25% of the island’s power with renewable energy by 2035 to 50% by 2035 and 100% by 2045.


Introduced in the 35th Guam Legislature

Bill No. 255-35 by Senators Jose “Pedo” Terlaje and Tina Rose Muña Barnes
Amends Guam law to allow government of Guam employees to choose from two insurance providers rather than being restricted to one.

Bill No. 248-35 by Sen. Tina Rose Muña Barnes
Establishes new licensing fees for medical professionals whose funds will go toward a medical arbitration fund.

Bill No. 226-35 by Sen. Telena Cruz Nelson
Removes exemptions allowing for casino-style gambling at the Liberation Day Carnival or any other fair or carnival activities.


Introduced in the 21st Commonwealth Legislature

House Bill No. 21-92 by Rep. Joel C. Camacho
Increases penalties for businesses found to be selling tobacco products to minors.

House Bill No. 21-91 by Rep. Ivan A. Blanco
Establishes a revolving fund to go toward vocational education, apprenticeships and other training programs for U.S. citizens and gives expenditure authority to the Secretary of the Commonwealth Department of Labor.

House Bill No. 21-89 by Rep. Ivan A. Blanco
Prohibits the use of disposable food containers that are harmful to the environment by food establishments.

House Bill No. 21-87 by Rep. Sheila J. Babauta
Updates business license fee structure to follow the North American Industry Classification System and to allow for temporary business licenses.

House Bill No. 21-83 by Rep. Joel C. Camacho
Provides a three-year gross revenue tax exemption for new small businesses. mbj