Journal Staff

A request to extend the approval for a residential development in the Windward Hills area of Yona by the Guam Land Use Commission was approved at the commission’s Jan. 23 meeting.

The development, owned by Wonderful Resorts LLC, had already been approved in February 2017 (See “GLUC accepts Windward Hills plan,” in the March 6, 2017 issue of the Journal). The approval expired one year later and the company was notified by GLUC that they would have to resubmit a request for approval. In December 2019, Wonderful Resorts submitted a request to extend their approval through its consultant FC Benavente Planners, which cited unfamiliarity with the commission’s rules since they are a relatively new company.

Other reasons given for the delay include changes to the property development team that occurred after the commission granted its approval and a reassessment of Guam’s market, which FC Benavente Planners described as “not as brisk as they had initially anticipated,” which impacted planning and development efforts for the property.

A Jan. 8 GLUC internal memo recommended the commission approve the extension because Wonderful Resorts continued to consult with the government of Guam on the matter and “the elements of the approved master plan are still intact.”

Wonderful Resorts — which does business as Wonderful Windward Hills Resort — aims to build a 168-acre residential development in Yona. The development will consist of 488 residential units to include a 75-unit hotel which will be used as a temporary lodging facility for military personnel as well as accommodate conventional travelers. Active senior living housing is also included.

The plan also includes two-story single-family detached units, two-story duplexes, two-story townhomes and three to five-story multi-family units.

According to an application summary submitted to GLUC in 2017, the development was designed with a “smart growth/multi-use neighborhood development approach” which would distribute amenities throughout the community. Proposed amenities include a variety of commercial and recreational spaces such as playgrounds, pavilions and wetland farming for medicinal plants.

Architecture and design services were provided by Taniguchi Ruth Makio Architects. Construction services will be provided by LTP Construction.mbj