“Because we’re a boutique shop and we’re  pretty small there are lot of choices amongst our stuff, as far as the trail shoes, climbing gear and that kind of thing. People usually spend a lot of time in the shop because they’re looking for something specific that meets their needs. So I think this approach will actually be good for us, because it allows us to have a little more one-on-one time with the people in the store to make sure they find what they’re looking for as opposed to just having a bunch of people in the shop and not being able to give them the level of customer service that we’d want to give them.”

–   Daniel Holms, co-owner, Southern Mountain Gear



“I think it’s just managing our inventory. For our store, we have the same things we had almost two months ago. Hopefully we’ll have some promos going on just to have our old stock going out the door and making room for new pieces. Right now it’s really slow; we are working from home and have our website. When we reopen, we will try to run things normally.”

–   Dayanara Calma, owner, Vidalocal




“We’re just waiting for the signal for us to reopen. We had to adapt to changing back to e-commerce, so it’s going to be a whole process of putting our stock back in the store and putting the POS back. We’re the only employees so we’re going to have to do the heavy lifting. Of course, we have to check with Agana Shopping Center because they’ll be the ones letting us know it’s clear to reopen our physical store. It’s really their call. We’re also waiting on guidance from the governor as far as guidelines and that kind of thing.”

“It wasn’t really that big of a change because we started with e-commerce, so we adapted back to it pretty easily.”

–   Dennis Clemente, co-owner, Love Club/Redo/Lovergirl


“The first thing is just getting our staff together and being on the same page — to prepare and clean the shop, sanitize everything and come up with the plan of how many customers are allowed in. Also offering other things, like curbside pickup so it’s safe for everyone.” mbj

–   Naomi Ventura, owner, Cutie Petunias