No press conferences were hosted by the Office of the Governor on May 11 or May 12.

In other news:

Certificates available in Saipan for travel
Travelers to Guam from Saipan do not have to wait for Commonwealth Health Center certificates of negative COVID-19 testing to be mailed, but can also request a pick-up if travel is imminent, according to the Office of the Governor, in answer to Journal enquiries on May 12.

The Northern Mariana Islands announced three new cases on May 11 – identified through contact tracing, taking its total to 19 cases with five active cases, 12 recoveries, and two deaths. One of the cases is a 67-year old man, who traveled to the NMI from Guam.

Guam announced an additional positive test May 12 at the Guam Regional Medical City, for 152 cases confirmed, with five deaths and 124 released from isolation.


Auto industry unable to release sales figures
Owing to the continued closure of the Department of Motor Vehicles at the Guam Department of Revenue and Taxation, the Guam Auto Dealers Association said it is unable to release reports for March and April.

            According to a Journal exclusive story (see, industry estimates put the drop in sales could reach as high as 75%.


Rent and mortgage relief bill gets popular support
            Sen. Clynton Ridgell has proposed rent and mortgage relief for tenants and homeowners under Bill 355, which has several co-sponsors.

            The bill would need the agreement of financial institutions to not collect mortgages from property owners, and require tenants to get a certificate from employers that they have been laid off, which would make its way to the financial institutions through landlords.

            A petition on in support of the bill had gathered almost 2,690 signatures as of May 12.


Rumors and scams abound
            IT&E is warning of rumors that it is a “hot zone” for COVID-19. Official updates from IT&E can be found on its website and social media.

            Docomo Pacific is warning clients about phishing scams, which include promotional offerings. To confirm any promotion, call 688-CARE.


Guam economic impact checks on the way
The Guam Department of Revenue and Taxation announced May 12 it processed approximately 20,000 economic impact payments May 9 and 10 and approximately 20,000 EIP May 11, representing a total of $75.9 million in checks.

            Garnishments for child support were made under the CARES Act.

            Payments will be based on 2019 Guam Individual Income Tax Returns, and if an individual has not filed a 2019 Guam Individual Income Tax Return or if filed and Guam DRT has not processed the individual’s 2019 Guam Individual Income Tax Return at the time of certification of EIP to be paid, but has a 2018 Guam Individual Income Tax Return, then Guam DRT shall determine based on the 2018 Guam Individual Income Tax Return.


Fiesta Saipan secures lease; no word on Hyatt
            The Fiesta Saipan, which will become an IHG property and do business as a Crowne Plaza from 2021, has also secured its lease with the Department of Public Lands in the Northern Mariana Islands.

            Jerry Tan, president of Tan Holdings told the Journal the lease will be for 40 years.

The lease is for an amount of $10,000 a year, but with business gross revenue tax, could reportedly rise to more than $270,000 on average a year, according to DPL.   

            No announcement has been made on the lease negotiations with Hyatt Regency Saipan, due to expire in 2021.


United confirms upcoming regional schedule
            United Airlines confirmed today – May 12 in Guam, its schedule of flights through June, exception on the Tokyo-Narita route, which will drop from three daily flights to one. (See below for schedule)

            As the Journal earlier reported, United staff will wear masks, and passengers will also be required to do so. Other safety measures instigated can be found on

Reports and photos have surfaced from the U.S. mainland of full United flights with passengers seated adjacent to each other.

            Though not responding to those reports, the airline did say, “We will be doing more to promote social distancing such as restricting advanced seat selection for adjacent seats and will be boarding fewer customers at a time during the COVID-19 outbreak.”



Guam (GUM) – Saipan (SPN)

Airport (from/to)Flight No.FrequencyAircraft
GuamSaipanUA 174Mondays, Thursdays, and SaturdaysB737
SaipanGuamUA 117Mondays, Thursdays, and SaturdaysB737


Guam (GUM) – Koror, Palau (ROR) *

Airport (from/to)Flight No. Operation datesAircraft
GuamKororUA 157June 11, and June 25 (Thursdays)B737
KororGuamUA 158May 22, June 12, and June 26 (Fridays)B737

    Remark (*) – The service is subject to Republic of Palau’s government quarantine restriction.


Guam (GUM) – Yap (YAP)*

Airport (from/to)Flight No. Operation datesAircraft
GuamYapUA 185May 17, June 14, and June 28B737
YapGuamUA 186May 17, June 14, and June 28B737


Island Hopper*

Airport (from/to)Flight No. Operation datesAircraft
GuamHonoluluUA 155*May 20 and June 17B737
HonoluluGuamUA 154*May 21 and June 18B737
GuamPohnpeiUA176*June 6, and June 27B737
PohnpeiChuukUA 95*June 7, and June 28B737
ChuukGuamUA 95*June 7, and June 28B737

Remark (*) – The service is subject to Republic of the Marshall Islands’ and Federated States of Micronesia’s quarantine restrictions.