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Buen Prubechu, a new retail delivery service, was founded not only to provide convenience for the island’s residents, but to advance a good cause.

“Our main focus is really to create jobs and help veterans,” Charlie S. Hermosa, the company’s owners, said. “Folks that are looking for a second chance and folks that need work.”

To that end, Hermosa has been working with the Guam Veterans Center to develop a program that would eventually become Buen Prubechu, or “you’re welcome.”

Buen Prubechu focuses on delivering retail items and is partnered with Circle K and Mall of Guam, an online portal to order products from on-island retail stores.

Buen Prubechu opted to use QR codes to afford greater flexibility for its business partners. Unlike UPC codes, QR codes don’t require use of a scanning gun and can be read with smartphones

Originally, the plan was for the company to focus on beachgoers and then expand to general retail and delivery, but the pandemic forced a change of plans.

“We were going to specifically target the Tamuning beach hotel area, because we can actually deliver on the beach,” Hermosa said. “So if anybody’s on the beach and they run out of ice, soda or whatever, you could order online and we’d deliver it to you there at the beach. That obviously took a hit because everybody’s on lockdown.”

Customers can order online through, and a mobile app is on the horizon.

“We can pretty much link up with any internal delivery email like the Mall of Guam or any sort of store delivery that needs to get done,” Hermosa said. “We have our own shipping bags that have our logo … and we have our own labeling system.”

Hermosa opted to go with QR codes rather than UPC codes for the labels because of their greater flexibility.

“We’re able to use our phones for scanning so we don’t need to have a scanning gun,” he said.

Operating out of the My Office coworking space in the ITC Building, Buen Prubechu currently has a staff of four including Hermosa but will soon onboard two more delivery employees, all of whom are dubbed “Delivery Heroes” in the company.

Shown on May 20, are (From left) Daisy Yarlemar Digelmar, Drennan J. Hattig, Charlie S. Hermosa and Roy C. Pablo, all of Buen Prubechu.

Photos Courtesy of Buen Prubechu

At the moment two employees are serving as drivers using their own personal vehicles, but they’re regular employees of the company rather than independently contracted “gig workers” of the type found with many app-driven ridesharing and delivery services.

The company was established in February with an initial investment of about $5,000 but due to the pandemic and subsequent quarantine, Buen Prubechu didn’t start delivery operations until late April.

It is the third in a series of businesses established under Hermosa Ventures, following Guam Gift Baskets in 2019 and Guam Growlers earlier this year. Although the pandemic has rendered the future uncertain, that hasn’t stopped Hermosa from developing plans for the future.

“We want to create an environment that will support a new way of shopping,” Hermosa said. “As we continue to evolve, we’re going to continue to bring on new resources and new ways of handling goods as well with a focus on being on the forefront of technology.”

Hermosa is the general manager for Guam and Micronesia of APL. mbj