by Maureen N. Maratita


Several weeks ago, as COVID-19 began to devastate our region — and the Micronesian islands of our coverage — the demand for our news grew.

We have always sent subscribers Newsflashes, but because of your demand for our news, we began to do so daily. Those daily updates contain — and still do — some exclusive news, as does our biweekly Marianas Business Journal in each issue.

In response to the demand for our news, we also opened our web site completely as a service to the business communities in our region, and hand in hand with that — extended subscriptions for our readers.

The results of opening our site were surprising as readers gravitated to with views through the roof. Those numbers continue, even as we return to doing business.

The MBJ site is also more user-friendly through a recent redesign.

Glimpses of Guam, our parent company is locally owned and operated.

Owning a media organization (even a leading one) is fraught with challenges, but our owners have always been appreciative of what we bring to the market and supportive of our mission — to connect people with information.

That support and our status as an independent publishing house has always allowed us to make appropriate decisions on coverage and more without fear or favor.

As a responsible publishing house and business, we took several moves to continue coverage and doing business, even as our whole team worked remotely in the first weeks of COVID-19. 

Aside from our inhouse team, our Correspondents around the region were diligent in bringing you news. Likewise, if you appeared in this paper, I cannot thank you enough for sharing what that journey meant to you through the pandemic to date.

Now, our responsibility to our readers means that we going to satisfy that demand for news and in the forms that you appreciate.

From this June 8 issue, the print issue of MBJ will be monthly. The paper will still contain exclusive stories and commentary. Our news will also still continuously be posted online. If you prefer that our news comes directly to your inbox or through Facebook, please sign up at [email protected], or friend us.

If you are an advertiser and have not yet been contacted by our sales team as to additional opportunities, please reach out to my colleague, Ken Duenas, at [email protected] His team is standing by to assist you.

You can of course always continue to reach me at [email protected] or any member of our news team you are in contact with.

As ever, I thank you for reading us and being part of our coverage. We continue to welcome your feedback and news and we thank you for allowing us to carry your marketing messages.


— Maureen N. Maratita is the publisher at Glimpses Media. Publications at Glimpses Media include the Marianas Business Journal, MBJ Life, The Real Estate Journal, Guam Business Magazine, Beach Road Magazine, Buenas and Drive Guam.