NMI eases quarantine restrictions
Effective June 20, travelers to the Northern Mariana Islands will have an easier time than arrivals to Guam.  Visitors will be able to self-quarantine providing they

  • Fill out an online CNMI Mandatory Declaration Form at least three (3) days prior to their arrival on Saipan at governor.gov.mp/covid-19/travel
  • Register and respond daily to the Sara Alert Symptom Monitoring System* and exercise self-quarantine for 14 consecutive days as prescribed by CHCC
  • Consent to specimen collection for COVID-19 testing five (5) days after arrival

Non-residents are further required to have proof of a valid polymerase chainreaction (PCR) test from a specimen collected a minimum of three (3) days to a maximum of six (6) days prior to arrival in Saipan to be reviewed by a CNMI Health Representative.

A valid proof PCR test result is defined as a traveler’s specimen collected within 3-6 days prior to arrival. The test result must be in English and have:

    • The name of the traveler
    • Name of the processing laboratory
    • Specimen collection date
    • Indication that the PCR test was conducted
    • The test result itself

Returning residents for Saipan, Tinian, and Rota may be considered for exemption from quarantine and be able to self-quarantine if they complete the steps mentioned above.

Returning residents do not need to show proof of a valid PCR test. All residents will be scheduled for an appointment for specimen collection five (5) days after their arrival unless they are approved as an essential worker for same-day testing by the CNMI Territorial Health Official, according to a June 18 release.

Essential workers entering the CNMI shall have the option for same-day specimen collection.

Detailed information on the above can be found at www.governor.gov.mp.


Guam air force positives jump
The number of positive cases at Andersen Air Force Base increased to 15 with the announcement June 19 of an additional seven cases.

With this, there are 200- confirmed COVID cases, with five deaths, 173 released from isolation and 22 active cases.

Testing continues in Guam’s villages through June 25, with little uptick to date of positive cases.


Amendments to Guam quarantine and testing guidelines, bars
Whether the Government of Guam will amend quarantine guidelines or testing for tourists as the July 1 arrival date approaches remains to be seen.

However, on June 18 the administration and the Department of Public Health and Social Services did aapparently respond to concerns from bar owners and raised the permitted occupancy from 25% to 50% from June 19.

Childcare facilities received the same occupancy level. Travel agencies, museums, the zoo and aquariums are also allowed to open.


Guam and NMI residents have chance to submit final comments on Navy training and testing
The comment period for the 500+ pages of the final version of the Mariana Islands Training and Testing Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement/Overseas Environmental Impact Statement closes on July 6. Documents can be found at mitt-eis.com and comments can be sent to [email protected]. Various lawmakers in the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam, as well as activist groups have expressed concern at the effects on sea life and marine mammals due to the increased use of sonar and explosive testing.


Kracked Egg offers worker discount
The Kracked Egg in Tumon is offering a discount to workers of 10% until June 30. Kracked Egg is open for takeout, dine-in and delivery. Patrons can access www.facebook.com/thekrackedegg for special featured menu items, and call (648-0881) or email ([email protected]) to place orders. Identify yourself as a workforce member to get the discount.


The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency announced June 18 a $1.68 million grant for the Northern Mariana Islands sports complex damaged by Super Typhoon Yutu.