Rockit Ride, shown on June 19 in Tamuning, is the first indoor cycling studio on Guam.

Journal staff

Kanako Watabiki

Rockit Ride, an indoor cycling studio located in Tamuning at the Camacho Landmark Center, opened for business on June 15. Indoor cycling, also known as spinning, is exercise which involves pedaling on a stationary bicycle to the rhythm of music.

“Because there’s no indoor cycling studio only on Guam and [a] majority of the places are just gyms. … we really just wanted to build something where people could get in [and] ride together as a group; that’s what indoor cycling is,” said Kanako Watabiki, owner of Rockit Ride.

Although other local gyms and fitness studios offer cycling classes, Watabiki said she gained inspiration from an indoor cycling studio she visited in Japan that featured the dark room concept.

“Our [cycling] rooms are dark. You don’t have to worry about anything around; you don’t have to worry about the people around you. We just really wanted to create a safe space for people,” she said.

The cost of investment for the 1,690-square-foot space was approximately $250,000. The opening date was scheduled for some time in March. However, it was delayed because of COVID-19.

There was no “soft” or grand opening, according to Watabiki. “Basically, it [was] a full week of community rides. What those are — free rides for the community. We wanted to get everyone to test out Rockit Ride without paying anything and just enjoy themselves. We wanted them to get to know our instructors because they are a huge part of Rockit Ride,” she said.

There are 11 instructors at Rockit Ride, some of whom teach a 45-minute class; there is also a 30-minute “lunch express” class held at noon. The class capacity is 22 people.

According to Watabiki, customers who participate in the classes become part of the Rockit Ride community. “The [business] name is a play on words of ‘rocket’ — they always go up. The logo has four rockets, which represents community. We are leveling up together,” she said.

Customers must be 18 years or older, as well as a minimum of four feet tall to use the bicycle. Each customer is given clip-on cycling shoes to wear for the duration of the class. Customers can also bring their own shoes if they are Look Delta or Shimano Pedaling Dynamics, which are compatible with the bicycles at the studio.

Additionally, a set of hand weights, a towel and a tote bag for personal belongings is on each bicycle.

“The only thing we do ask though is that if you have a heart condition, if you’re pregnant — we do ask that you get clearance from your physician first,” Watabiki said.

Customers must also sign up for an account on its website,; purchase a class package; and select a class on the schedule to reserve a bicycle. Pricing starts at $23 for one class, which includes shoe rental and access to amenities.

Because of COVID-19, Watabiki said access to amenities such as the shower facilities and keyless lockers are currently limited because those are frequently touched surfaces.

Future plans for the business include hosting private events such as fundraisers, bachelorette party rides and birthday rides, as well as adding a retail section for items such as exercise attire and cycling shoes.