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Paradise Cleaning Solutions could not have opened at a better time. Guam is still reeling from the Covid-19 outbreak, hence the increased demand for cleaning services.

  “I want to say hello to the market,” said Duane Pahl, owner of Paradise Cleaning and longtime realtor with Today’s Realty.

  The company officially opened its office in Tamuning on July 1. With the slogan, “We Clean Guam,” Paradise Cleaning offers residential, commercial and warehouse cleaning and disinfection services.

Pahl said he and his partner, Alex Fields, owner of Marianas GPS LLC; began organizing the company six months ago.

The idea was conceived through their own personal experiences with a house cleaner. “She did such an amazing job and we would like to spread this experience to the island. That was the inspiration,” he said.

However, the official set up of the business was derailed by the Covid-19 crisis. “With the pandemic; working with GovGuam during the shutdown was very difficult. So, we had to put our plan on hold,” Pahl said.

When Paradise cleaning finally obtained a business license, commencing operation was perfect timing. The need to protect homes and businesses from potential exposure to the coronavirus makes deep cleaning and disinfecting a necessity.

Pahl said the company’s service menu will soon include a Protexus system for decontamination.

Susan De Dios of Paradise Cleaning Solutions is shown at work on July 29.

Photo courtesy of Paradise Cleaning Solutions

“It is electrostatic virus-killing equipment, basically. We are waiting for the equipment to arrive in Guam. It will be here in a month and a half,” Pahl said. “It is a high-pressure air system that is positively charged and sprayed out of the equipment.”

Unlike the regular liquid disinfectant that rolls off the surface, Pahl said, the Protexus mist sticks to all nonporous materials and can be applied on tables, windows and television sets among others.

“It kills about 99% of (germs) on all touch points,” he said. “When the pandemic hit, we figured Guam would need disinfection services, so that’s why we decided to go ahead and purchase this equipment.”

The Protexus system will be available to commercial and residential customers.

Although a newcomer in the market, Pahl said he is confident Paradise Cleaning will stand out in the field. “What sets us apart from other companies is that we really focus on details of the cleaning. Sometimes people forget the window ledges, they forget the ceiling fans,” Pahl said. “We do not want to be a company that just comes in to wipe and sweep. We want to be known as a company that pays attention to cleaning details.”

PCS currently has four employees. “We hope to grow,” Pahl said.

The market has been receptive. Barely two weeks after it opened, Paradise Cleaning had acquired six customers.

The company initially targeted the residential market — such as career couples who are too busy or too exhausted from work to pay attention to housekeeping. The service also caters to families that are moving in or moving out, and those preparing their properties for rent. “But as we continued to do research, we noticed that some office buildings with inhouse staff sometimes outsource (cleaning) to companies like ours,” Pahl said.

Pahl said Paradise Cleaning is considering expanding its service offerings to include yard and lawn maintenance and hopes to tap the military market as well. Paradise Cleaning can be reached at 988-7245. Its website is mbj