Palau Correspondent

The 680 Roast Duck Café and Restaurant opened on July 6 in Koror.
Photos courtesy of 680 Roast Duck Café and Restaurant

KOROR, Palau — The absence of tourists has been hard for many businesses in Palau, but a husband and wife team opened a new restaurant despite the global pandemic.

The 680 Roast Duck Cafe and Restaurant officially opened its door to the public on July 6, offering both dine-in and take-out.

Taffok and Jialing Luo Etpison have been wanting to open a restaurant since a year ago and said the threats of the pandemic was not reason enough to put on hold their plans.

Jialing Etpison said business has been good so far and they have ensured that they will be offering a line of menu items that are affordable for the local costumers.

“We actually had this business idea a year ago, because my husband went to China and he really loves the roast duck. He eats it every meal. So, we were thinking, ‘Why don’t we open a business like this?’” Etpison said.

She said due to the threats of COVID-19 people do not have that much income, so that they thought the new business could offer low priced but delicious meals to the people living in Palau.

The most popular menu item — understandably — is the roast duck, cooked Hong Kong style.

While the restaurant offers a whole roast duck, half or a quarter, it also jas an affordable dish of a rice and roast duck combination for $7 a plate.

The 680 Roast Duck also offers a rice and roast chicken and roast pork belly combination. Take-out orders of roast duck are particularly popular, Etpison said.

The duck in sourced locally, both from supermarkets and a farm in Babeldaob.

The restaurant is located in the center of Koror, on the main highway in Dngeronger and is open from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m.

The 680 Roast Duck is on Facebook at mbj