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A new product range is on its way to Guam, offering ease with a variety of conditions for people who are subject to conditions as they age, or suffering from stress.


Marcel Camacho, owner and manager of Pupulu Guam LLC; is bringing a range of CBD products to the island — those of CBD Unlimited, and may distribute to the Asia Pacific region in the future.

CBD products are derived from cannabidiol, which is naturally found in hemp plants.

Camacho told the Journal, “I see that the growing market has a lot of potential.” He said in the U.S. mainland the prediction is that the 11% of the population that was 60 years or older in 2000 will double by 2050 to 22% of the population. “Guam’s aging population is greater that the national standard. We are already at 16% of our population, based on the Census from 2010.”

“The aging population will continue to grow,” he said.

The CBD products offer solutions that affect seniors as they age, Camacho said. “I realize everybody’s body chemistry is different, but I have been able to sample a lot of the products …,” Camacho said. He has found the balm and creams of help with muscle aches after weight-lifting gym sessions, he said.

“CBD has a whole host of products available and you can consume it in different ways,” he said. Camacho also uses a product from the range with CBD and L-theanine, which he said is similar to melatonin as a nightcap or sleep aid.

Pupulu is focusing on CBD Unlimited products. “Prior to them releasing the products to the general public, they went through a period of five years of testing to determine the proper dosage,” Camacho said. CBD Unlimited’s products are tried and tested, he said, with more products coming in the future.

The range does not include gummies or vape products, he said, but rather the tinctures or oils, which are effectively absorbed and reach parts of the body as needed.

A minimum of 25 CBD Unlimited products will be offered in Guam, Camacho said. He is also intending to offer New You Life, which has a human growth hormone product, which is applied topically and can stimulate the pituitary gland to aid in preventing aging. For example, Camacho said, “Some of the claims have been that wrinkles are not as prevalent in women that are going through menopause; some of the effects of menopause are reduced or alleviated; it gives you more vitality — even from a sexual standpoint.”

The CBD products are available to any adult that is 21 years and older, he said, for some of the same reasons, such as “reduced anxiety, reduction of pain or pain management and sleep.”

Also included in new CBD products, he said are products for pets. “Pets also experience separation anxiety from their masters and/or they can become very agitated or hyper almost to the point of vicious.” Some pet owners find CBD can help the pets to relax, he said, and a

Images courtesy of CBD Unlimited

re then less intimidating to visitors. “That line of Phyto Bites will be a sub-line under the CBD Unlimited product line,” Camacho said.

Prices range from $12.50 for a sample pack of seven capsules to $60 a 30-day supply of night caps or regular capsules.

Pupulu is working towards offering a membership with discounts for three or six months or a year of supplies, Camacho said. “I will deliver the product not all at once,” he said.

The potential is there for marketing to tourists as well as military service personnel, he said, since the military has approved purchase of CBD products.

As to how the former senator and realtor came to launch the business, he said he was approached by a friend in November who was looking for a distributor. “After looking at the product line and the way they have established the business I decided I would take on the challenge myself.”

CBD products are already allowed for importation into Guam, he said. Camacho has talked to other vendors, who told him that many manamko or seniors purchase the product for pain management.  

The company name of “Pupulu” and the logo, is a reference to the leaf used with betel nut, and also alludes to its “calming effect,” Camacho said. The addition of “for life,” in the logo is a reference to the vitality of the product.

Camacho will be distributing on-island through, he said, having tested its delivery himself.

He holds both a wholesale and retail license — and can be reached at [email protected]. mbj