Maureen N. Maratita

Some unexpected emails were delivered to my inbox:


From Breakbulk Middle East 2021:

Are you ready for a new era in breakbulk and project cargo?

(Breakbulk Middle East will be in the UAE. I’ve never been there — but with 3,444 attendees and 1,663 companies attending last year? Maybe not.)


From the Hyatt:

Hyatt Announces Plans for First Property in Sweden

(The Hyatt group also opened in Vietnam and announced plans to open in Cape Town and Lisbon. That’s just in one week. Hyatt must know something or be optimistic — but it’s good news, right?


From the National Observer:

The first Olive Garden restaurant opened in Hawaii at the Ala Moana Center. The first one in the islands, the Observer in Charlotte, N.C. said.  (No, we’ve had an Olive Garden in Guam for years.)


Amazon’s Early Holiday Sale

(Sigh. I’m just not ready) …


But what does Amazon think I need?

Yoga pants, an Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion, and a Cast Iron Combo Cooker Set.

That’s it? And a Personal Genetic DNA Test. I see. I am sorry I asked. …


This year’s holiday gift suggestions include PJ sets, designer face masks, a fire stick and a Disney subscription, cast iron skillets — do we sense a theme?

And eco gifts (so last year.)

Plus, the Forever Top — a tee shirt? No, a spinning top “made from the purest and highest quality metals,” that come in all sizes. …


Top picks:

Subscription boxes with wine and craft beer and clothes, and subscriptions to magazines — the idea being you get something every month you don’t have to leave home to buy or order online. 


Best in class:

A subscription to For example, Gordon Ramsay can teach us to cook (without the comments on the results). …


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