“Looking to the future, we’re very confident in Guam. We do believe — and there’s going to be some hiccups — that the tourism industry is going to come back. To what degree and how long it takes to get back, that’s a question that everybody’s still asking themselves. There’s surely one thing — the next half decade with the military construction that’s going on, and the increased personnel that will be coming to Guam as a result of that — you’re talking short term economic growth as a result of this construction activity and then a change in economic output because we have 5,000 more Marines, and 1,500 more dependents that are going to live in Guam. All 5,000 get paychecks, not including the 1,500 federal civil service workers that are going to man all these bases.

“There’s a lot of investment money that’s looking at Guam. … They are looking at Guam as American soil; it’s safe; it’s stable. They see the growth that’s occurring with the military buildup.”

Edward B. Calvo, president of PMC Investments Inc. in a March 3 interview with the Journal. See “The grocery isle” on the Front Page.