Maureen N. Maratita

One of the reassuring things about living in Guam and visiting the Northern Mariana Islands is that good coffee is available. That’s whether you’re on the road, offered hospitality in many of our islands offices, or adding your favorite beans or mix to the weekly shop. …


But after a Staycation at one of Guam’s resorts I was disappointed (I’m being polite here) to find 3 in 1 sachets in the room. I hope you’re not familiar with the product, but even the branded versions contain between 7% and 17% coffee, about 7 grams of sugar, and a whole lot of contents that have no place in a real brew.

Whereas my coffee can lists only one item under Ingredients: “100% pure coffee.”

And human nature being what it is, while the food at the party I attended at that Guam resort was excellent, and the room had clearly been sanitized with care, when the reception staff asked at checkout if I had enjoyed my stay, what came to mind was the 3 in 1. …

Now I hear that 3 in 1 is being offered to visitors in quarantine in Saipan. Talk about “Abandon hope all ye who enter here.”

 If you’re a coffee lover, you’ve been warned about what to pack to get you through the five days in Saipan. If you are reading this in Saipan and have a beverage delivery service to the quarantine hotels, let me know and we’ll pass that on.

The enterprising gentleman that told me about the 3 in 1 had a coffee machine delivered (with “the fixings” to include a mug and milk) so if you can do that, also let me know.  …


In this issue you’ll find a Nomination Form for the 2021 Guam Business Magazine Executive of the Year. A fillable version is also on and The gala is “locked down” for Saturday, Jan. 15 at the Hyatt Regency Guam.

Earlier this year, instead of appearing at the 2021 gala, the Executives of the Year voted on which non-profits in Guam and Saipan would receive the result of our fundraising efforts. In the January-February 2021 issue, we wrote about the whole cohort of Executives of the Year. We also asked them for their opinions on the economy.

For 2022, we are planning a gala to honor our own — businesspeople. Whoever takes home the award typically has stories to tell — how and why they got started in the early days, who helped them, and what motivates them.

The 2021 Executive of the Year will possibly have the aura of a survivor to add to that mix, or has contributed in some memorable way since March 2020 to the wellbeing of our islands.

I know that the list of 2021 nominees will be as dedicated and worth honoring as usual, and I’m hopeful that the gala will be an event to remember. I can’t wait to get the team together and start planning. …


You’ll also find photos of three events in “Focus” that saw the hosts publicly displaying their confidence to complete what they set out to do. Two of the events are business-related and are making a commitment not only to Guam but to the villages in which they will do business, as well as to the employees whose livelihood will depend on them.

The third event is also employment-related and will offer those who took a wrong turn the chance to be trained and contribute to the construction industry of the Northern Mariana Islands.

All in all, I’d say this column’s theme is hope. …


— Maureen N. Maratita is the publisher at Glimpses Media. Publications at Glimpses Media include the Marianas Business Journal, MBJ Life, The Real Estate Journal, Guam Business Magazine, Beach Road Magazine, Buenas and Drive Guam.