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Susan Harris, owner of Bed and Biscuits Guam, and her clients in one of the main open-space areas for dogs at the new daycare and boarding house.
Photo by Morgan Legel

Bed and Biscuits Guam, a full-service dog daycare, boarding house and groomer, opened on Aug. 1. The central Mongmong location is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday for daycare and grooming, by appointment only.

Currently, the 2,000 square-foot business can board three to four cats, along with a maximum of 15 dogs. Additionally, there is space for five to eight dogs to attend full or half-day daycare and six to seven grooming appointments available a day.

Most of the services are booked throughout the end of the year, though.

“For the holidays, everyone is sick and tired of being at home; the boarding and daycare get the dogs out and the people too,” said Susan Harris, owner of Bed and Biscuits. She also estimated there will be more available space in January.

To attend any service animals have to be spayed or neutered and up to date with all vaccinations; pets also have to do a meet and greet with Harris, passing a distemper test to ensure safety of all the animals.

  For the duration of a dog’s stay, whether daycare or boarding, the dogs are taken outside every hour on a weekday and are allowed time to play both inside and out. Additionally, for boarding, the dogs are exercised again from 8 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., and then again in the morning at 7 a.m. During the weekend, dogs are taken out every four hours.

The goal was to have a space “small, simple and clean” for all the animals, Harris said. She decided this was something the island needed when she was researching places for her own dogs.

“I wanted my dog to go to ‘kindergarten,’ or daycare,” she said. “When I was looking, I couldn’t find what I was looking for, and when I found something, I was unhappy with it. I didn’t want my dog to only be allowed out to go to the bathroom, or not be able to play.”

Peter Walls, co-founder, Slingstone Coffee and Tea is shown with the Tumon coffee cart order window.
Photo by Jenelyn Abinales

Service descriptions and prices can be found on Bed and Biscuits Guam’s Facebook.

Also newly opened on Oct. 1 is Slingstone Coffee and Tea’s Tumon Coffee Cart.

While the chain’s focus is to make quality coffee available to all, this location will mainly serve hotel front liners, visitors and locals 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“It’s been on our calendar to get it opened, but COVID just pushed it back and back,” Peter Walls, co-owner of Green TurtleLLC, which does business as Green Lizzard, Shamrocks Pub & Eatery and Sling Stone Coffee and Tea Co., told the Journal. “I decided just to bite the bullet and go ‘Okay, let’s just try it.’”

The new portable, 96 square foot recycled and refurbished shipping container cart has its limitations in terms of storage space, but that hasn’t stopped the business from providing “as much of a variety” as they possibly can to customers.

“Normally, we’re [open 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.], but there’s not really a six o’clock crowd coming into Tumon,” Walls said. “So, I apologize for people who come at three or four or five, but at the moment, it just makes sense to stay open from morning to lunch.”

The company has 20 employees in all Slingstone locations, including the newest Tumon coffee cart.

Moving forward, Walls wants to continue expanding Slingstone in any way he can.

“We’re definitely rethinking, restudying and researching what’s working around the world, not just in the States, but in New Zealand, Australia or even in Europe where they are really sustainable in terms of what they do.”

In other new business news, Hafa Adai Realty in Guam and RealGoodys, an online platform for cannabis information in the Northern Mariana Islands, both recently opened.

Fish Eye Marine Park re-opened on Nov. 20 after nearly two years of being closed. mbj