Maureen N. Maratita

Any appliance that makes life easier for a working couple has a place in our house.

For Guam readers, you know that generators became a household item for many of us from the 1990s on, as we dealt with typhoons and prolonged power outages.   

Some years ago, we had a small microwave that we advertised for sale, along with some other items.  A gentleman called about the microwave. He was a veteran and told me he got around the island by bicycle. He said he didn’t think he could balance the microwave on his bike’s handlebars and asked if I could deliver it.

I said yes and asked him to call me the following week (my life then and now is sometimes ruled by deadlines). He never called back. I did not have his phone number, so eventually the microwave went elsewhere. I wondered what happened to him.

I was reminded of that as we embarked on our coverage of U.S. veterans, their varying situations and how we are helping them as communities in the islands with their needs and aspirations — or how we are not helping them.  …


Our feature became indicative of the networks the veterans have themselves. The people we reached out to said either, “Oh you should talk to so-and-so” or helpfully gave us further contacts.

Wherever you are reading us, if you also have something to add to our reporting of the U.S. veteran experience, please let me know and we’ll let our readers know. You can reach me at
[email protected]


We are now in March. What am I hearing? That some businesses continue to be challenged in Guam by COVID restrictions to doing business, but others are in growth mode; that businesses are worried the cost of doing business; that everybody’s worried about our low tourism numbers.

Whether private or professional — in-person gatherings, and meetings and business lunches are going ahead, despite the continuing restrictions. That’s a positive.

 If you are a civic organization that is offering yet another virtual gathering — or nothing at all, I encourage you to reconsider. And we’ll certainly cover your event.  …


The last time Leonardo DiCaprio appeared in the Journal when he visited Palau our website numbers soared. We also heard from members of his fan club. So here he is in our pages again and I’m hopeful about those numbers.

The news of the day on March 2 was his presence with Toby Maguire at the Dusit in Guam. Among the rumors was one that the pair would visit the USO office in the Plaza. I was at the USO on March 1 and at the Dusit on March 2 and failed to see either of them. Should I reach out and ask where we were going next? Then I heard the pair were already leaving.

I understand that where Leo goes, others will follow — so thanks to him for visiting.

But I did attend the lunch that Peter Sgro and International Group Inc. hosted for former members of the board of the Guam Hospital Development Forum and the Guam Healthcare and Hospital Development Foundation Inc. It was a real pleasure to see everybody again. There’s nothing like face-to-face conversations.

In a way I had a starstruck experience too.  …


— Maureen N. Maratita is the publisher at Glimpses Media. Publications at Glimpses Media include the Marianas Business Journal, MBJ Life, The Real Estate Journal, Guam Business Magazine, Beach Road Magazine, Buenas and Drive Guam.