As our coverage from Japan shows, meaningful resumption of tourism from Japan will be a tough nut to crack.

Both Korean residents and Japanese residents are anxious to visit Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands, and our attractions are undisputed.

But — whether the Guam Visitors Bureau pays for COVID testing or not – and whatever incentives are offered to airlines or not — visitors will vote with bookings.

While Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands welcome the return of carriers – the prospect of quarantine on return home — as we all know — is the ultimate deterrent to travel.

Quarantine is a deterrent — no matter how safe and welcoming the destination, and no matter how many “influencers” enjoy paid trips to the islands and post photos of themselves having a good time.

While the return of a Jin Air flight on the Busan route is indeed noteworthy — of the 85 passengers on the April 16 flight, 17 of those were on a familiarization tour to Guam.

Still, if there are no flights, there certainly will be no visitors and Jin Air and United Airlines and other carriers are to be congratulated and encouraged for playing their part and increasing flights.

Similarly, the Commonwealth Ports Authority in the Northern Mariana Islands now has a month to come to a firm arrangement on how a U.S. Customs and Border Protection presence in Rota will be paid until international flights to Rota — and presumably Tinian resume, after the offer of Rep. Donald M. Manglona and Sen. Paul Manglona of Rota to assume the cost of transporting an officer to Rota.

Journal readers have told us of their willingness to fly between Rota and Guam, rather than transit Saipan to do so. And we also understand the reluctance of Star Marianas to assume that cost.

A GVB delegation has just returned from Japan, as our coverage shows. What we do not need from the bureau is another relentlessly cheerful release on the value of publicity from FAM trips, or the distraction of any further undignified spats between its officials.

We await a long-term plan for marketing dollars and outreach presented in a cool and insightful manner as befits a visitors bureau that has the benefit of seasoned tourism officials. mbj