Joaquin Camacho Arriola
Dec. 29 1925 to May 4, 2022

Joaquin Camacho Arriola passed away at the age of 96.

Due to the war years in Guam — which began when he was in 9th grade, Arriola graduated from George Washington High School in 1946 after a year and a half of what he said was “so-called high school.” Resources were scant. “The Reader’s Digest — that was our course for literature,” he told the Journal in February 2021.

The ensuing education he described as “his biggest accomplishment.” After graduating in 1950 from St. Thomas College in St. Paul, Minn., he attended the University of Minnesota Law School, also in Minneapolis, graduating in 1953.

Returning to Guam in September of that year and admitted to the district court, Arriola began to build his practice for more than a year before becoming a senator. Today it does business as the Arriola Law Firm.

Although his work had elements that were not gratifying – such as divorce cases – on the plus side, Arriola said attorneys were able to serve the fledgling business community. “All of us had things to do — form organizations, help out businesses, going to court defending criminal cases, land cases and a lot of eminent domain cases.”

Arriola was legislative counsel to the 5th, 6th and 7th Guam legislatures. He served in the 3rd and 4th Guam legislatures and would eventually become speaker of the 9th and 10th Guam legislatures.

He would also serve as an associate justice of the Supreme Court of Guam.

Arriola’s professional and community service appointments were broad and included president of the Guam Bar Association, chairman of the board of regents of the College of Guam, chairman of the Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority and chairman of the Territorial Planning Commission.

The law firm was a constant until his retirement in 2021, but Arriola would still go to the office to manage family assets.

Of his long career, he said the law is not a simple field and criminal trial work can be particularly arduous.

“But when you enter it, there’s a lot of satisfaction — helping people out.” Despite criticism that fees are high, he said attorneys perform a lot of pro bono work. “That is one of my many satisfactions — helping people who cannot afford legal fees.” In the early days, such clients would bring fruit. “I would tell them you don’t have to do that.” Arriola said the amount of pro bono work he did contributed to his achieving the highest number of votes as senator several times.

Joaquin C. Arriola is survived by his children Jacqueline A. Marati, Vincent P. Arriola, Anita P. Arriola, Lisa P. Arriola, Franklin P. Arriola, Michael P. Arriola, Joaquin C. Arrriola and Anthony P. Arriola, as well as their families and siblings Jose C. Arriola and Josefina A. Perez.


Rosario Margarita Cui Brocka Neri
Oct. 1, 1950 to March 21, 2022

Rosario Margarita Cui “Chet” Brocka Neri – a longtime public relations and marketing executive in the hospitality industry and member of the board of directors of the Filipino Ladies Association of Guam – passed away at the age of 71.

Originally hailing from the Philippines, Neri received her high school diploma from the University of the Visayas in Cebu, but after spending some time in college decided she would be happier pursuing a career rather than a degree. Her choice paid dividends.

Before her retirement, Neri worked most recently as sales and marketing manager for the LeoPalace Resort and was also longtime public relations manager for the Pacific Star hotel during her career.

An active member of the community, Neri was a member of Soroptimist International Guam, the Federation of Asia-Pacific Women’s Association, the Beauty World Guam Organization, the Guam Women’s Club, the International Women’s Club, the Guam Council of Women’s Clubs, the Filipino Ladies Association of Guam, the Filipino Community of Guam, the Filipino-American Presidents Club of Guam, the Metro Manila Association of Guam and the Rigalu Foundation. Neri was a 2015 nominee for the Guam Business Magazine Businesswoman of the Year.

Rosario Margarita Cui Brocka Neri is survived by her husband Ted S. Neri and children, Stephanie Ann Zivanovic, and Theodore Ross Neri, as well as siblings Clod Brocka and Ruth Brocka Boyd and numerous family members.


Other notable members of the business community have also passed away.


Martin D. Leon Guerrero board treasurer and assistant secretary, passed away on April 21, at the age of 70. Appointed to the Bank of Guam’s board of directors in 1990, during his 32 years of service his roles included chairman of the Trust Committee, vice chairman of the Audit Committee and vice chairman of the Nominating & Governance Committee. Leon Guerrero also served as treasurer and assistant secretary on the board of BankGuam Holding Co., Bank of Guam’s parent company, since its inception in 2011.


Paul S.N. Shimizu passed away on March 31 at the age of 65.  Shimizu was widely known for bringing musical artists to Guam through Shimbros Guam, of which he was founder and general manager and for his athleticism – particularly in basketball. He most recently was vice chairman of the board of the Guam Visitors Bureau.


John Howard Barrett, founder of Barrett Plumbing passed away at the age of 79 on March 24 in Santa Clara, Calif., where he had retired. Barrett founded the company in 1972.


Donald A. Seery, author and photographer passed away March 10 at the age of 89. Originally from Philadephia, Seery made Guam his home – publishing several books about the island containing his photos, also working as a travel consultant for Asia.


Nicolette “Rambie” Baldovino, of Tamuning, pharmacist and owner of Island Family Pharmacy; passed away March 21 at the age of 36. mbj