Robert J. Marks, president, Hagatna Bay Consulting Inc., celebrated his birthday with a dinner at Kai Japanese Restaurant on May 27. At the event were (from left clockwise) Jae L. Yu, co-owner and general manager of Tumon Bay Lobster & Grill, and co-owner of Marianas Homegrown Habitat; Jerilyn I. Brown; Kenneth C. Maratita, owner of Finu Pacific Services; Maureen N. Maratita, publisher, Glimpses Media and wife of Kenneth; Miki Yokozeki Marks, property manager for Bridge Capital LLC and wife of Robert; Robert Marks; Victor Cruz, former policy advisor to Gov. Edward B. Calvo; Lee S. Yudin, dean of the College of Natural and Applied Sciences and dean of the School of Engineering, University of Guam; Jay R. Shedd, chief marketing officer for Citadel Pacific Ltd.; John Thomas Brown, general counsel, Jones & Guerrero Co., and husband of Jerilyn; and Niko Yu, co-owner of Tumon Bay Lobster & Grill and Marianas Homegrown Habitat and husband of Jae.
Contributed photo