The RIHGA Royal Laguna Guam Resort launched Sept. 1 the President (Nippon) restaurant’s Chef’s Table with Chef Yuzuru Okamoto, offering each evening from Monday to Saturday a group of up to five people the chance to be served one of three multi-course menus at a private Tepan dinner. Now in Guam, Okamoto has lived in Europe, the U.S. mainland and spent more than 12 years at Roppongi Ukai-tei in Tokyo, also as head chef.

The menus are the Botan, a seven-course menu; the Kikyo, a six-course menu; and the Sakura, also a six-course menu. All menus come with 100 grams or 3.5 oz of Kyushu Wagyu Steak. Menus will vary and include seasonal ingredients and seafood, and the famous Wagyu beef.

The Journal was served the Sakura menu, which the night of our visit, featured the following dishes:

The Salmon & Hamachi (amberjack) Mariné was served with apple, crisp jicama and sesame dressing.


Wagyu Steak – the star of the menu – was cooked for us with seasonal vegetables – local okra and Korean Eryngii mushrooms in a ponzu dressing, and side sauces of sesame, radish and finadene.


Dessert was a light confection of orange cake, vanilla ice cream, and a layered surprise that included custard, mochi and sweet black beans.

Reservations are required, to Steve Balakrishna, director of food and beverage at (671) 688-8123. The Botan menu is $190 per person, the Kikyo menu is $160, and the Sakura menu $130. Extra beef is to order at $30 for 50 grams.

Menus are subject to a 10% service charge; PHR Club discounts of 20% are applicable.