The Journal pages recently have included stories of businesses that are making a success of new offerings.

They have found financial institutions willing to support their business plans, or have overcome initial obstacles that beset them.

The businesses include a product and service that Guam has not had before as with Guam Eco Services, or a restaurant taking a new approach to food we are familiar with, such as Rice & Ramen in Tumon.

In the Northern Mariana Islands, MP Enterprises is not only launching one airline, but in effect two. The airline aims to not only fly between islands in the Mariana Islands as Marianas Southern Airways, but to Australia, Japan, Korea and the Philippines as Northern Mariana Airways.

And while it is presumably finalizing corporate investors with deep pockets, MP Enterprises will offer residents a chance to be shareholders also.

MP Enterprises is also partnering with Southern Airways Express for its flights in the Marianas chain and with Anchorage-based Northern Pacific Airways for its international flights.

Both the partner airlines have a successful history of business in their own markets.

Most tellingly, this issue also contains the story of two businesses in Saipan that have moved from the tourism industry to the service industry and are not looking back.

While tourists remain a scarce commodity in Saipan, apparently soap and water are still available for cleaning and detailing vehicles. We also report on the enduring success of the detailing industry in Guam — providing offerings that the market has responded to.

Businesses are obviously doing all they can to survive, but at some point it becomes obvious that reduction of labor and whittling down of expenses cannot completely support the bottom line.

Lastly, our lead story lays out entrepreneurial opportunities to work with the federal government as a small business.

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Through limitless imagination, the businesses we are reporting on have found their way to what could be, rather than what is. mbj