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It’s a new way of transportation for the tourism market – electric scooters.

The motor scooters now whizzing around Tumon have been launched in the market by GU-YOYO of The Saira 2.0 LLC, which does business as The IoT Solutions.

The Saira Group of Companies also includes The Product Solutions, The Laundry Solutions, and The Freight Solutions. 

de Dios

The electric scooter “shared mobility” is set to start operations on Feb. 23, Aileen de Dios, director of sales and marketing, The Saira Group of Companies, told the Journal. Shared mobility is defined as “transportation services and resources that are shared among users, either concurrently or one after another.”

The scooter is an “electric-kick” or e-kick scooter, with a motor.

The cost to unlock a scooter is $1. The ride cost 25¢ a minute, or $15 for a full hour.

This is how it works. Users download the GU-YOYO app from the App Store and or Google Play on Apple and or Android devices, create a profile, locate the scooter closest to them on the map, and scan the QR code.


Electric scooters are parked between The Tsubaki Tower and Hotel Nikko Guam.
Photos by Isaiah John Aguon

A tourist on an electric scooter on Feb. 16 on Pale San Vitores Road in Tumon.
Photos by Isaiah John Aguon

User must be at least 16 years of age or older to ride the scooter and load a government-issued identification to show proof of age. Riders must not ride the electric scooter with another occupant. The rider turns the scooter on places one foot on the e-kick scooter and uses the other foot to kick start the scooter. Unlike a traditional scooter, the e-scooter only needs to be kick-started and will then move on its own.

Customers must ride the GU-YOYO kick scooter in designated lanes such as bike lanes, sidewalks, and safety zones. Occupants can use the handbrake to slowdown and footbrake above the rear wheel to further slowdown or to come to a complete stop. 

Parking at a non-designated area is the sole responsibility of the patron. Charges will continue to incur while pausing the ride. Users can only end rides at designated parking stations. 

The business owners 10 orange and black scooters parked on the sidewalk between The Tsubaki Tower and Hotel Nikko Guam. The IoT Solutions has a contract with Hotel Nikko Guam, according to resort staff. Other parking stations are at the Hyatt Regency Guam, and Pacific Islands Club, according to


When finished riding, clients park the GU-YOYO scooters in the orange marking and upload a photo onto the app. 

Patrons of GU-YOYO must obey all Guam laws, follow terms and conditions, privacy policy, and rental agreement. GU-YOYO does not provide insurance coverage to the rider for any claims or accidents involving the use of the electric kick scooter. 

“We’re so excited to finally launch this electric scooter shared mobility in Guam,” Raj K. Parangusam, owner of The IoT Solutions, told the Journal. mbj