Quotables – May 11, 2020

“All of our stores have been out. Everybody’s been baking.”   — Katherine R. Calvo, CEO of Pay-Less Markets Inc. on May 5. She was referring to yeast supplies across the chain of Guam grocery...

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Quotables – Apr 13, 2020

“I think (our lead in the space industry) really boils down to a balance of pursuing, with technical expertise and absolute technical integrity, having a great team, that really trusts each other so we can develop this launch...

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Quotables – Mar. 30 2020

“We are monitoring usage every day. There is an increase [in Saipan], but not by much. Guam has had more [data] usage. Because people are working from home, kids are at home — Facebook and YouTube usage has gone up.” — Angela F....

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