Airline axiom has PIA looking for friendlier skies

In the wake of Pacific Island Aviation’s cessation of scheduled service in the Mariana Islands the three Shorts Brothers SD 360-200s parked on the tarmac at Saipan International Airport most likely will be flying in the Southwest by the end of March.

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New Bristol sports store spurs GPO redesign

Guam Premier Outlets is remodeling to accommodate the next evolution in sports retailing for the Bristol family of businesses. Jeff and Kathy Bristol co-owners already run two successful retail sporting goods and fashion outlets at GPO and now they plan to open a third store.

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Pay-Less Supermarkets to get major face-lift

Pay-Less Supermarkets Inc. is celebrating its 55th birthday this year. Spurred on by renewed economic growth activity and population expansion Kathy C. Sgro newly named chairwoman of the board has a vision for the island’s largest chain of supermarkets.

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