Golf alert – Tiger enters Guam tournament

Not much bigger than the size of his own golf bag Hong Kong’s hottest golfer 7-year-old Tiger Lee is preparing to play on American soil – in Guam – for the first time. The International Junior Golf Association is poised to bring him and 49 other young golfers and their families to Guam from June 19 to 21 for an island-hosted friendship tournament.

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GSA yanks airport bids Cleaning contract left in the lurch

The General Services Agency first yanked the Guam International Airport Authority’s purchasing and procurement authority and on March 15 said it would start the bidding all over again on the disputed lucrative custodial maintenance contract GSA will reissue an invitation to bid 23 months after the first invitation was issued on June 2002.

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Judge stops bids for fire trucks

On March 11 a superior court judge decided Morrico Equipment Corp. had strong enough evidence for the court to interfere for the second time in the government’s purchases of emergency vehicles from Morrico competitors.

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