Q & A Peggy Denney

Peggy Denney has lived on Guam for 28 years. From 1979 to 1995 she worked as a court reporter and then returned to school at the University of Guam where she obtained her bachelor’s in Agriculture in 2000. She has completed her master’s course work in Environmental Science and is currently completing her thesis. She was the program coordinator for education and outreach at Guam EPA for approximately two and a half years before establishing her consulting firm recently. She is currently working under a contract with Guam Business Partners for Recycling to implement the "i recycle" program and also works part-time for the National Park Service.

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Q & A Captain Robert Bruce Stewart

Capt. Robert Bruce Stewart is the commander of Destroyer Squadron 31 and mission commander of the Pacific Partnership which brings servicemembers and various host-country volunteers to assist in humanitarian efforts in Southeast Asia and Oceania aboard the USS Peleliu.

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Q & A Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith is the co-founder and senior consultant of Knowledge Well Inc. NGO. He holds a 1983 bachelor’s in history from North Carolina State University and a 2002 master’s in business administration from the University of North Carolina.

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